Sunday, October 28, 2007

I love the fall. The leaves, the colors, the smells. Even the RAIN. This year we had a very late fall because it was so warm and dry. Finally last week we got a couple of days of colder nights and some rain. And finally the leaves gave off their glorious colors.

The curve in the road seems to add interest, but my favorite photo of these three is the one with the almost straight road. It was taken on Ravenna street headed East into Streetsboro and Franklin Township (Kent) just over the Hudson line past Stone Road.

I love how the black trunks of the trees stand out so clearly against the yellow leaves when they're wet from the rain. And even the wet road kinda glistens because of the water.

I had an opportunity to drive from Hudson to Kent and then up to Streetsboro on the backroads. What a wonderful way to experience the colors -- even on a rainy day.

My tires were a little slippery on the way, so I had them rotated over the weekend. As they say "wet leaves = ice" But I still love the color.

This last photo is from the Hudson green outside my office. I love how just a touch of sunlight was peaking thru the clouds to light the gazebo. And don't you just love the red tree behind the gazebo?!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

LifeCenter Plus - a Garden Oasis

A hidden, winding path tucked in between two block walls. The morning sun. Who would think that this garden oasis would be found at what some would consider "a workout gym"...

LifeCenter Plus , in Hudson, Ohio, really caters to the mind, body and spirit. When I go there in the morning for an aquasize class or to work out on the machines, its' a real treat to park in the back of the parking lot and walk thru the gardens, admiring the plants along the way.

It really feeds my spirit. I don't know what these little red burrs are or what kind of plant this is, but it is glorious this time of year.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Phipps Chihuly Exhibit in Pittsburgh

Wnet to the Pittsburgh Botanical Garden during the Chihuly exhibit of Gardens & Glass. It was awesome and fun!

I especially liked how the glass seemed to grow out of the gardens. All the colors and forms really were beautiful. It feeds the soul.

We were there during the day, but I saw photos of it during the night and it's beautiful then too.