Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Lucky Loves Apples -- Norwegian Elkhound

Lucky likes to chase apples as much... or more... than chasing a ball. Maybe he likes the taste!

I've decided that he is a Norwegian Elkhound. Here's a photo.... what do you think? The indoor photo is a different dog but is a representative photo of a Norwegian Elkhound. Looks a lot like Lucky

I think he's pretty smart, but the breed standard is supposed to be just average. I've seen him catch sight of a ball or toy in the small dog section over at Silver Springs park and then realize he has to run down to the water, swim around the end of the fence and then come back out if he wants that toy.

Obviously he can't read (I think!) but he knows that space is for the small dogs and he's not allowed in it.

End of the Season for the Garden

This past weekend we pulled the tomato, squash and pumpkin plants out of the garden in preparation for winter.

The hostas and yellow/orange black eyed susan's have faded. I pulled seedlings from the Black Eyed Susans (the little short ones) and I need to pot up some of my daisy bunches for my sister for Friday.

Because I managed to reformat the SD camera storage card by using it in both a Nikon and a Canon, I am having trouble opening it in the computer. Yikes. Time to troubleshoot that problem.