Saturday, February 04, 2006

What happened to Winter?

Here in Northeast Ohio we prepare for a winter filled with lots of snow. And sleet. And many days of zero degree weather. That just didn't happen this year. In fact, I don't remember a more mild winter.

Sure makes it easy to drive, but I'm really missing the beauty of those incredibly cold mornings with ice coating all the trees. I just love it when the sun comes out to reflect off the frozen branches. Everything sparkles. When I walk across the snow, it squeaks with the cold.

The downside: the heavy weight of the ice on those trees snaps the branches of some of the older trees. Just a gust of wind and you can hear their demise. I guess that's survival of the fittest!

Oh well. Not everyone is missing the traditional Cleveland -- Akron weather the way I am. Later.
Chris Brown

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