Thursday, April 27, 2006

Poppies & Bognias & Sunflowers

Well, spring has sprung. I've managed to weed and work out aobut two thirds of my gardens. My sister sent poppy seeds along with these really cool peet discs that really expand with water. I already have sprouts!! She also sent bognia bulbs which is still have to plant... and some sunflower seeds, that I think I'm going to plant directly into the ground next month. My mom & dad sent some blueberry bushes to plant and I just figured out where to put those. Man, I love spring!!

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Anonymous said...

Chris - so glad you are enjoying the mini sprout garden. I have started the sunflowers inside and plan to put them in the most sunny place in the yard soon. The lilies and sundrops that you dug from your garden last year are now coming up here in Maryland in a section I call my "Christine Garden". Love ya, Linda