Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Almost "MAG" at Mogadore Reservoir

When I was a kid we used to take long Sunday drives through the countryside throughout Northeast Ohio during the change of the autumn leaves. We would ooh and aah like they were fireworks. My mom had the most enthusasium and would exclaim "Magnificient" so often that we ended up shortening the word to simply "MAG" when there was an especially beautiful tree.

Yesterday when I was driving from Hartville to Hudson after a meeting, I stopped at Mogadore Reservoir to capture some of the fall beauty.

I think it's the combination of yellow, green and firey red that I like best. I love the red trees, but they really look great against the yellow and green.

This morning the rain is pounding down and I'm sure a lot of the leaves are going to fall. I was hoping it would hold off a few more days because we still have a lot of green trees around here, but I was just happy to capture some of it yesterday with the camera.

Watching the leaves change and experiencing the range of colors is one of the best things about living in Northeast Ohio.

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