Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hostas and Poppies and Lilacs -- OH MY !!

It just feels like the perfect spring this year. So many of the plantings are emerging.

Rhodendenrin and lilacs are budding. Poppies are having an incredible year -- thanks Linda! When I planted those seeds 2 years ago, I never thought they would actually look like this!

The Peonies have never been taller this early in the year. And even the day lilies are beautiful with their long stalks.

I might be most excited about my hosta garden! It is doing great. Verigated and elephant ear. The rose of sharon is already starting to bud.

Only the hyacinths, forcithia and daffodils have faded, but lilacs are about to burst. Few tulips bulbs (damn squirrels!) made it. The compfry has never been as full. Narcisis and lung wort are still going strong.

Check out how the clematis is going to look in a few months growing on the deck! That was last year. This year is going to rock!!

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