Sunday, May 03, 2009

Baby Calf, Just Born, Tries to Stand on its Wobbly Legs!

Our dog Lucky was barking at something across the street. When I looked out the window and saw a car had pulled over to look at the cows, I saw a brand new calf! The people in the car said a calf was just born.

Slowly I walked up to the fence and sure enough this was a brand new calf. Click the arrow on the picture above to watch a one minute video of it trying to stand for the very first time!!

This was one of the first times that I've noticed a cow have her calf right next to the fence!


Montagna said...

All I can say is WOW about your video of the calf and its mother. I just showed Gary. Maybe you could put it on utube or something!
Have a good one!

Chris Brown said...

Thanks! Isn't it adorable!? I took lots of digital video, but this one was my favorite because the mom was so attentive!

It's just such "Spring" type memory.

Love you!