Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Surprise in Streetsboro on Saturday

Some things turn out better than you think that they are going to... and that's what happened to me on Saturday.

I had to take the car to get an oil change. Instead of sitting in the dealership lobby for an hour, it was such a beautiful day, I decided instead to take a walk.Here's a few photos from my adventure.
Surprise! It's a 1.2 mile hiking trail around 2 little lakes with all kinds of turtles, chipmucks, rabbits, swans and beavers.

There's an industrial park right behind the dealership and as I walked along I remembered that little parking lot with a picnic table.

What I didn't realize was the beauty I would encounter hiding behind the industrial park buildings!

What a wonderful treat for the soul.

What a great treat and surprise for myself. Here I thought I was going to spend Saturday morning doing boring errands like an oil change... instead I was treated to a wonderful walk in the woods with wildlife!

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