Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Day - Feeling Like September

It's still August, but this is the first morning that I felt the "cold" snap in the air. It's a nice feeling that fall isn't that far away.

Went out and gave the chickens their food and some corn, changed their water and grabbed one egg. They're slowing down on their laying. Maybe because the days are getting shorter, maybe because they're getting older. I don't really know why. Curly has decided she's a brooder. We tried a couple of tricks to get her to stop just sitting on those fake easter eggs we put in the nest, but she's taking care of them like they're gonna hatch.

Each morning I find some of those eggs rolled into the main part of the pen, so somebodies having fun playing egg olympics. I suspect the 2 leghorns, because they are the most fiesty. The Americanas are the nicest behaved, but get picked on my all the others. And I think they are the best layers too.

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