Sunday, November 07, 2010

Cardinal and Blue Jay Going After Lucky's Dog Food

Lucky didn't finish his dog food last night. This morning I heard a giant racket outside and when I went to the door to see who/what was making all the noise, 5 blue jays flew away.

So got the camera. And hid behind the door. The battery almost went dead as I was holding my breath waiting for them to steal more of Lucky's left over dog food from his meal last night.

I caught two birds, in two separate photos... but with the power of computer editing, I was able to put them both in the same shot. First thing my husband says is "Wow, those two birds don't like each other!" Can't fool him!!


Anonymous said...

My first thought was "how did she manage to get a blue jay and a cardinal in the same shot" Looks pretty - & pretty tricky too.

Chris Brown said...

Wow, can't fool you either!! Ha ha! We must come from a "bird" family.