Monday, September 06, 2010

Happy Horses

When I was a little girl about 10, 11 and 12, there was only ONE thing at the top of my to do list, want list, gotta figure out how to have it list. You got it. A horse. Or a pony.

I would use every birthday wish, every first spoonful into a new jelly wish and every shooting star wish on getting a pony. I bought myself a card of an old lady shoveling horse poop, because inside the card said: I just know there is a pony around here somewhere.

As a teen I would babysit horses and ponies when their owners went on vacation. One summer I had a horse (3 different horses actually) 3 weeks in a row. Those horses never had been brushed, fed carrots, rode and pampered as much as when their owner was away.

Even though its many years later, I still pine away for a horse every so often.

Yesterday when I was taking a walk on the street around the corner, I snapped this photo. Looking at it, it occured to me, this place is less than half a mile away from my house and I've never set foot into their horse farm (eh, em) "equestrian center". Maybe because they only ride english. Maybe because they charge people to ride, but mostly because I'm sure they wouldn't find it at a normal for a woman of my age to want to swap cleaning stalls for brushing and playing with the horses. How silly.

Maybe I don't want a horse as much as I thought I did. Now all the things I was told as a kid come into my head whenever I think about buying one. "Horses are expensive." "What if it got lose?" "You'll never be able to go anywhere." "What if the horse kicked somebody and we got sued?" "We don't have a good place to keep a horse."

Meanwhile, horses still take my breath away.

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