Sunday, September 26, 2010

Officially Fall.

The garden seems all dried up all of the sudden. And it's officially fall.

We bottled honey yesterday. 138 pounds.

And I wandered around looking at my gardens. The gardens don't inspire me this time of year. The opposite actually.

Ugh. I don't like fall this year.

I am spending more time with the dog. Kinda boring, but I don't want to do the maintenance on the gardens. I love weeding in the spring, with all the promise of the new flowers. But tidying up in the fall. With the promise of wind and cold and wet snowy weather. Ugh. Not a fun prospect.

Used to be I'd have 4 pumpkins for the front porch. I'd decorate for fall. But now it seems silly. No kids at home is bumming me out.

Looking at where they used to wait for the bus. Thinking about a fall halloween party. Carving pumpkins. Making a scarecrow to sit on a chair in the front.

I gotta find a new "place" to be. The old fun fall activities aren't doing it.

Sitting around having coffee with my friends whose kids are off at college, trying to console each other, that isn't working either.

Maybe time to start making my Christmas presents (kinda early) or cleaning the basement again (as appealing as like weeding a fall garden)

It's fun to look at the spring and early summer gardens. I just gotta find the beauty in the fall again.

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Kate @ Bliss and That said...

We'd love to be back in Hudson for a few days this fall, but it won't work out this year... The kids have been saying how excited they are to jump in leave piles, but there are none down here! :( I'd let you borrow our kids in a heartbeat all you wanted if we could make it back! :) Take care!