Saturday, August 19, 2006

Maize Valley in Hartville: What a Delight!!

Talk about mixing business with pleasure... Look at the view during my business meeting yesterday morning!

Every few weeks I get together with two of my business advisors who help me with strategic planning for my marketing business. Instead of meeting in the usual conference room, yesterday I had the opportunity to meet with them in a wonderful garden setting: Maize Valley in Hartville, Ohio. What a delight! Giant hanging baskets of petunias. Casual outdoor dining. Charming shopping with those appealing hard-to-find items. And believe it or not, we got a lot of work done during the planning session!

Don't be mislead by the look of their winery website link. It makes it look more like some fancy, highfalutin winery out in California than the hard-working, wholesome Northeast Ohio midwest"strong family values" type of operation that I experienced.

This place goes onto my definitely recommend list. Think I'll have to check it out this fall to see the beautiful change in seasons too!

What a treat. Wonder how they got these annual petunias to grow so huge in just one season!?!

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