Sunday, August 06, 2006

My Garden Helper -- Kitty

Hard to believe that we've had her almost 13 years. Kitty (aka Hot Wheels) is my constant companion as I'm pulling weeds in the front, the side and the back. I'm always worrying that she'll get hit by a car, but after all these years of running free, she must be smarter than that.

Kitty showed up during the funeral of Tum Tum, a yellow cat that managed to get hit by a car just a few hours after we invested some major money at the vet getting him neutered. It was very strange. We'd never seen her before, but she showed up meowing, circled Tum Tum's grave once and then follow us back to the house from the woods. Since we had plenty of cat food available, it made sense to give her a little something.

That was in November of 1993. She's been a fixture here since.

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